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WordPress is a theme-based system. You can change design of your website by switching between different themes on the fly without having to alter website’s content. The number of themes reaches hundreds of thousands and keeps on growing, you can always find one to your liking, no matter if it’s a corporate website or an online store.

WordPress is a free Content Management System which allows to easily update content of your website. Although it had started just as a blogging platform, with time it developed into a powerful set of tools with thousands of plugins and widgets. This allows you to use WordPress both for a complex corporate website or an online store!

Also, WordPress is a user-friendly and SEO-friendly platform. It has a simple intuitive interface with a great deal of manuals, and it is highly optimized for indexing by search engines.

Currently WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. It does not require PHP or HTML knowledge, and at the same time provides extended content management features making it really easy to update the website anytime you like.