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User Experience is a combination of all the theoretical and practical experience a person has had with your company, its services and products. UX includes all the positive and negative emotions, which in one way or another customers relate to your brand.

User Experience (UX) design deals with all aspects of user’s interaction with a company, it’s products and services. Its encompasses the entire journey a person takes with a brand through company’s lifetime.

UX designers make sure to deliver services or products which fully satisfy current needs of the customer. Help him achieve goals and solve problems. It’s all about ‘how user feels’, not just about ‘what he does’.

First of all, UX is not in visual design, but in the study of the customer. It includes conducting researches, interviewing focus groups, learning as much as possible about user’s needs to find new ways of providing best solutions.

UX design strives to generate positive emotions, improve customer’s satisfaction and loyalty towards the company.