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Java Script is a programming language widely used to make web pages interactive. With it you can make your website react to how user behaves on the page: validate form fields, show mouse hover animation, make your website responsive etc.

Java Script is a programming language designed to perform dynamic tasks on your website. It’s built into the browser and all the operations are held on user’s side – even if the user is currently offline.

Most common usage of JS is making website responsive, validation of user input, mouse hover animation, showing messages and alerts on a web page etc. And all of this is achieved without sending messages back and forth to the server.

At the same time there are JS frameworks that work on the server side, and they are often used with browser-side scripts. For example, the well-known MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript technologies, which uses AngularJS for front-end, ExpressJS on Node.js runtime environment for back-end, and MongoDB for their interrelation.

JS is not limited to web development and websites. It can also be used in desktop applications and even in PDF files. JS features make it a great tool to provide interaction feedback in various cases.