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A framework is a set of ready-to-use functions, which allows developers to simplify the web development process. Instead of inventing a bicycle and performing same tasks over and over again, you can use framework’s libraries to implement standard often-used elements and functionality.

Basically, framework is a list of ready-to-use functions. It will prevent you from inventing a bicycle and allow to easily integrate available framework’s features, like accessing database, managing cookies and sessions etc.

Frameworks usually serve certain goals and have a lot in common with script libraries. They help to create structured logical code and simplify the web development process. It’s like working with ready blocks instead of building from scratch.

The best part of working with a framework is that it’s open source, secure and has extensive support. Also, most frameworks provide tools to build a Content Management System. On the other hand, before you start working with a framework you need to study it thoroughly – and this process will take time.