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Content Management System is an online tool, which makes your website’s management easier. It allows you to update the content of your website in a visual interface and does not require any code knowledge or programming skills, while a large variety of plugins helps to obtain any functionality you might need.

Content Management System is a tool which allows you to manage content of your website – change text, upload images and files, create new pages etc. It has an intuitive visual interface and allows you to update your website without any code knowledge and programming skills.

There are common CMS – like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. – and custom CMS, usually created by some web studios and developers. First one usually has large out-of-the-box customization features, while the second one is developed with an emphasis on security.

Common CMS are more preferred as they have a great deal of plugins, which help to obtain any functionality you might need on you website. Thus, you can easily turn a WordPress blog or corporate website into efficient online store.