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JM Web Designs was founded in Omaha, Neb., by Jonathan S. Patton in 1998, a 14-year-old entrepreneur. From the beginning, Patton realized that professional web design and development would play increasingly important roles in the world of business and wanted to help people make the most of these powerful tools.


A key partner in the USA, JMWD is an example of the effective use of our dedicated developer concept, combined with our outsourcing of resources concept.


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I’ve had a relationship with Altima Web Systems for over 14 years. I can truly attribute the success of my business over the last 17 years in the web industry because we have partnered and contracted with Altima Web Systems.

The staff that we have contracted (as well as employed full time) have been exceptional. The work ethic of the individuals is mesmerizing. I’ve been able to have the backing of Altima so that I could go out and promote JM Web Designs and be able to deliver business websites – whether they are basic or complex websites that require 2,000+ hours and years to develop. I can and have always been able to count on the staff and management at Altima Web Systems to help our company fulfill our agreements and obligations with our customers.

In addition to this, the company is dependable, reliable, cares about its clients and is always striving to provide the best quality work at the most affordable rates.

If you’re looking for a company you can trust with all of your web needs – look no further than Altima Web Systems. JM has and this is why we’re one of the top web design and development firms in the Midwest!

Sincerely, Jonathan Patton CEO/Founder

Project Description

Our many years of cooperation with JM Web Designs has yielded successful results by clearly separating business processes across multiple companies in the web development market. Employees of JM Web Designs perform the negotiation process with the customers in the United States – analyzing their needs and requests – and create a project proposal and plan. Then, employees of Altima Web Systems perform tasks for the successful development of web projects.

Altima Web Systems, on a regular basis, provides for JM Web Designs two dedicated developers who are managed by JM Web Designs employees and perform all required tasks. If necessary, Altima Web Systems also provides additional working resources on a time&material or per-project basis. This combination of approaches allows for controlled costs of dedicated developers for JM Web Designs, and allows JM Web Designs to quickly increase resources to carry out projects in the event their dedicated developers are booked.

Employees of Altima Web Systems provide many different types of services for JM Web Designs. Our primary service is the development of “turn-key” solutions for websites using WordPress CMS. WordPress sites may be a small informational website, but by using the robust WooCommerce module, it can become a large ecommerce website. On a smaller scale, developers may also use other framework technologies, such as the CakePHP; or use of other CMS platforms, such as Joomla! or Magento – for more complex and large projects in e-commerce.

Regardless of the size or type of project, JM Web Designs and Altima Web Systems is eager to fulfill all tasks with the highest level of quality, providing a high-performance tool for the customers and building an excellent reputation in the US web development market.