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Company «Argo – Retail Network» is an official distributor of a wide range of international brands of clothes and accessories. The chain of its stores is presented in major Ukrainian cities, and constantly develops – adding new stores, as well as new brands. The list of brands meets the needs of a wide range of potential buyers.


In an ongoing cooperation, Altima provide comprehensive web services, which supports and complements the retail network of boutiques. Having its website as one of its main advertising channels, our team helps create a support base for generating interest in the brand from buyers in a competitive market.


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Project Description

For more than 15 years, Argo and Altima have been in partnership – a long-term corporation effort from Altima’s beginning. Over this 15 years, Altima has created several versions of the company website, and has provided hosting services and consulting for web development.

Working closely with this client has been of great interest to our team. With each new website comes many specific requirements and setting details. Also, with each redesign and concept revision our designers have been able to craft new vision for the brand and website.

The main goal of the project is no global changes – to show products sold by the company and increase its sales. This project is constantly in research, as color scheme, product focus and meeting the need of boutiques are always in question. But, it is always the goal to attract new customers to the online store and increase the loyalty of existing customers.

This project is bright, constantly changing, and following market trends.