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Universalna Insurance Company, PJSC is among the top 10 insurance companies of Ukraine.

Company was founded in 1991 and is represented in all regions of Ukraine. The Company’s branch network accounts for over 200 branches and points of sale throughout Ukraine.

Universalna company offers services in 37 basic insurance types:

  • Transport insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Personal insurance


Altima performed a full range of services for website development. The focus of this work was placed on the development of graphic design to create a friendly image of the company. The user must understand that that this insurance company is easy and affordable. The site is implemented to best facilitate the search of necessary information by the site’s visitor.



Project Description

The developed site is an information resource and an assistant in matters of insurance. Customers can independently update all information on the site with an administrative interface. For the convenience of visitors, the site information is presented in 3 languages.

Various interactive features for users and potential customers are presented on the site.

A list of insurance products for Retail and Corporate clients is implemented very conveniently, since users do not need to go to a new page to view other proposed insurance types. The transition between the insurance types is implemented using javascript. This feature allows the user to quickly switch between tabs of insurance types on the same page. In terms of navigation for this section of the site, the current implementation is the best solution. Insurance products are displayed in a list with a brief product description, preview-image, link, referring to the detailed description and link, referring to the calculation of the product cost. The administrative interface provides the ability to manage these sections and their products.

Information on the site is easily perceived as content displaying is organized simply and conveniently.