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Project Description

Altima Lookbook Magento extension provides online merchants with an ability to show their products in nice and compelling way, close to the way they are shown in print catalogues, but with interactive links to product pages. It is often called “Shop the look” experience. For example you can show your dresses and accessories on sexy models and furniture in well designed living room. Each element of lookbook image can be tagged as a hotspot and linked to specific product page of your Magento online store. Professional version has no limitation on number of sliders, slides and hotspots!




With this extension, displaying several sliders on one page, each showing a group of products, become an easy game.
The installation is straightforward as clearly explained in the manual.
There were some conflicts with another extension that we use. The Altima team has been very efficient and quick to resolve them, and also to indicate how they have solved the issues …..
Keep it up …..

nsenga : I’m a deployment & integrations provider

Functionality for merchants

  • Now supports responsiveness.
  • Multiples sliders. You can have several sets of slides that showcase your goods. For example have individual lookbook/slider for each collection or product category.
  • Ability to incorporate “Add to cart” button in hotspot, so simple products can be added to cart straight from lookbook.
  • Product thumbnail image and short description in hotspot.
  • Unlimited number of slides per slider. Each slider in Altima Lookbook Professional can contain unlimited number of images (slides)
  • Unlimited number of hotspots per slide. You can place as many hotspots per image as you wish.
  • Ability to show the thumbnails of slides instead of pagination.
  • Over 2 dozens of transition effects + “random”.
  • Easier integration. It is now possible to integrate sliders to Magento website page right from the admin interface, no need to work with templates code.
  • Pinterest integration.
  • White-labelled front end without developer’s website reference.
  • Priority Support.
  • If you purchase multi-domain version it will work for all domains running from one Magento installation. Define your super admin interface URL domain in Production and Development domain fields
  • Support of single slide mode without navigation and transition effects, click here to see in action.
  • Default link from slide that allows to define an URL linked with the areas of the slide not related with any hotspots, so effectively you can use Altima Lookbook Pro as a simple slider. That default link is also clickable when a slider degrades to a simple gallery mode on small screens.
  • Support of responsive design – lookbook sliders are adaptive and resize according screen resolution.
  • Mobile and touchscreens friendly – support of gestures to slide the slides.
  • Single slide mode with hidden controls and animation.
  • Ability to pass slide number in URL, so now you can link to specific slide of your lookbook slider.
  • Special, optimised treatment for hotspots on low-resolution screens.
  • Ability to load your own hotspot icon. If you are not happy with our default $ icon for hotspot you can load your own.