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Project Description

Though Altima is a web-design studio with certain business goals and commercial purposes, sometimes we engage into non-profit projects or create solutions with social accents.

This is just the case!

goRecycle is an eco-friendly mobile application that helps you find nearby reception points of waste recycling in Kyiv.

As you may know, a single finger battery is able to contaminate about 20 square meters of soil. A lot of people are aware of that, yet still dump their wastes into trash – just because they don’t know where to recycle them.

With goRecycle you can easily locate addresses to turn in used batteries or powersave lamps, keeping your city clean and green.

Also, you can make your own contribution by adding comments on existing points, reporting map errors or requesting addition of new addresses.

GoRecycle is absolutely free and can be downloaded both in App Store and Google Play.

P.S.: We don’t want to stop on Kyiv only. Thus, in case there are volunteers who might help us fill in points of recycling in other cities – please feel free to contact us any time you like.

Together we can make the world – and our country in particular – a better place.