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Kaartje2go is a Dutch company, located in the city of Zwolle (close to Amsterdam). Kaartje2go specializes in serving Dutch speaking consumers, providing customers with a possibility to create postcards online, print them on paper and deliver by ‘normal’ mail. Kaartje2go.nl was awarded ‘best greeting card service’ by the National Dutch Consumers Union.ional dislocation.


Together with Altima, Kaartje2go build ‘Kaartje2go.nl’ an online-to-print greeting card service. Kaartje2go.nl is a #1 greeting cards service in the Netherlands.


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If you are planning to start an innovative online business, Altima is a great development partner. Without these guys we could not have grown this fast.

We started very small in 2006. Five years later we had more than half a million customers and our growth exceeded all our expecta-tions. At this moment we have a leading position in the Dutch greeting cards market and we continue to work with Altima. Altima has brilliant developers, experienced managers, the right attitude and lots of flexibility, which is very important for startups. Last but not least, the people at Altima are just pleasant to work with.

Foppe F. Strikwerda, CTO Kaartje2go.nl

Project Description

The first version of Kaartje2go was developed in Q4 of 2006. The goal of new start-up was to launch the website before the start of the Christmas season, when many greeting cards are sent. Despite many difficulties, Altima succeed-ed and the site was online in time. Today, 10 years after start, Kaartje2Go is the biggest card service in the Netherlands in global Dutch-speaking world.

Main aim for the service – to allow people sending personal bespoke or based on template postcards to their friends, family and anybody from any location. All you need is just a computer or mobile device with Internet connection. From the technical side of the project it is a high-load web application with thousands of concurrent users in peak time. It is hosted on AWS infrastracture and use micro-services architecture to increase system stability and maintain- ability. The code is covered by unit test and human testing, to keep consistent quality and allow fast deployment of new features. There are over 20 developers at the moment working under the project both in engineering and DevOps teams.

The app is fully functional on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets for common OS – Android, iOS, WindowsMobile. This allowed by having respon-sive design and HTML visual editor, which replacing legacy Flash one (right now visitors on desktops may use any from 2 versions – HTML5 or Flash).

From the latest added services for the project we may highlight ability to order a print on envelops to complete printing on cards and launch of a new product – tile printing.

Having a several partners with printing factories guarantees that any order will be completed and delivered in term. Marketplace program launched several years ago clearly shows success for several parties – visitors of web-site receive ability to select high-quality template for the card for any theme, and designers may provide these templates and earn money share of the price visitors pay.