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GlobalizeMe is an agile team of driven techies and project managers with global reach to passionate developers. Working primarily with marketing, design and software companies to provide “under the cover” development, architecture and consulting services, them are experts in taking your digital projects and delivering them to your utter satisfaction.


Starting 2009 we completed more than 50 projects of different sizes – starting from one-page sites up to applications required multi-server environment. Having high-level sales capability from the side of GlobalizeMe, Altima Web Systems providing the same high-level development and integration resources to satisfy final client needs and expectations. We are working with GlobalizeMe on projects in the Pharmaceutical and Financial Services industries, with some leading brand names in these sectors.


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We have worked with Altima for nearly five years and have many exciting projects in our portfolio that we have executed together.

We work with design, marketing and creative agencies and deliver projects in the high-­‐energy areas of entertainment, automotive and media and also work in the high-­‐security, high-­‐pressure areas of financial services and pharmaceuticals. We have constantly called on Altima to step up and work with us to provide solutions for world leading brand solutions such as auto manufacturer event management systems, pharmaceutical mobile apps, large scale marketing iPad apps for leading credit card providers plus numerous websites and web applications for music labels and entertainment brands.

Time and time again Altima step up to the plate and deliver robust solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. We enjoy working with the Altima team, we see them as an extended part of our ecosystem and hope to be working with them long into the future.

Andy Forkgen, Director (UK) and CTO, GlobalizeMe.

Project Description

Altima’s participation in one of the international events created a long-term cooperation with our current partner – GlobalizeMe company. We established strong friendly relations between our companies which lead to effectively implementation of projects with different level of complexity.

Because GlobalizeMe works with clients from different sectors of the economy, the projects are characterized by their diversity.

From the variety of the interesting things we can highlight the creation of a small, but very important for the daily work, applications for mobile devices for the medical sector companies. These applications serve as the presentation of drugs produced by a companies in an accessible and visually presentable way. At the same time these applications play the role of a questionnaire and a tool for gathering information. The ability to collect information offline, with following data synchronization, as well as receiving new data for presentation online, provides a wide field of use these presentations, as well as becoming a serious marketing tool among users.

Altima also received the opportunity to work on the creation of applications for touch-screen devices, which occupy a large segment of the advertisement market.

Among global projects we would also like to note the participation in the development of an international system of creating presentation materials, which allows you to quickly and efficiently create an informational presentation of any level of complexity, and present it on any device to the target audience – both on the smartphone screen and on a PC, not losing quality in communicating information to the consumer.

In global, most of the projects we are developing in partnership with GlobalizeMe focused on the individual approach to each of the “consumers” of the project, what is very important in today’s information world.

A variety of projects which used different technologies and CMS such as Drupal, Laravel, Angular and others allow each time to seek new approaches to solving problems, what makes possible to extend our professional expertise and use the latest development technics from the IT knowledge base.