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The project has been requested to be developed by a team of professors from one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions based in Washington D.C., USA.


A creative approach to the good-old ‘Battle ship’ game, used to gather statistic data on human behavior in different gaming situations.


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Project Description

From one point of view, ‘Hit or Miss’ is an online version of the all-known around the world ‘Battle ship’ game, just more advanced and exciting. Besides the usual bomb-the-ship logic, it allows to compete with up to three players in various gaming modes, raising the game to a new entertainment level.

From another point of view, ‘Hit or Miss’ is a complex research tool used to gather information on human behavior in context with divers variables, such as:

  • time, move and space limits
  • unexpected target forms
  • access to information on opponents’ moves etc.

Not only did ‘Hit or Miss’ allow to gather on-demand step-by-step statistic data from University students, but also — using the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) – it attracted players from all over the world.

The main goals of the ‘Hit or Miss’ research are not yet revealed, but numerous game’s logic and mode adjustments already prove its potential and efficiency.