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Free products? No more

June 29, 2021

Almost 3 years ago Google made one more step to commercialize its products – add payments for using Google Maps.

This is partly highlighted in one of our articles.

But looking through the regular sites today, I may see that issue and solution described here not implemented. A lot of projects are still at the same place – it’s working in “development mode”.

What is the reason for it?

No Credit Card to connect to the account to have it active? Seriously? I could not trust in such reason. Having almost 3 billion credit cards in the world – such possibility is very low. And I’m not sure I am able to see a web project with development mode for maps in this case.

High price to implement this? With analysis of detailed instructions on how to fix this issue – it’s a maximum of 2-3 working hours to accomplish this task. Not too much as I think for a public project.

The owner of the site does not see a need to have it fixed?… It’s a reason to think if you wish to use this site at all…

Same time providers of the services (and Gooogle is a leader here) monetize their services which were free before.

How will this affect the quality of the projects? I do not think that really good. We will have a strict separation between projects who used paid services, projects who changed paid services to the free services and projects who are starting to fail.

Possible to say – this is an open market.