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Google Maps vs OpenStreetMap

April 27, 2021

I think that everyone in the world who works with a computer or has a smartphone with internet access knows and likes Google Maps service.

Like a lot of other products developed by Google – it’s cool, useful and user-friendly.

Almost all of us thinking that it’s free to use. But this is not right.

Yes, for some basic features and for some small volumes – it’s free. And this is really good. But in case your project requires to have, or better to say – wish to have more advanced features or more users – need to pay a fee.

For this case I wish to share a small hint and ask for your experience – what product are exists on the market which may compete with the service of Google Maps.

One of our projects passed a limitation of free views for the map. Where we have a layer with objects of the project. That’s why we received a request to replace the functionality of Google Maps used with the functionality of OpenStreetMap. After a quick review of features, we found that it’s a good solution for our case. And thinking after that – practically any other solutions could not meet the requests we have – free to use, providing a good level of details for user (of the project), user-friendly, easy in management (API, etc)

I have found (a little bit surprised) that several solutions I’m using in my everyday life using OpenStreetMap. And I never understand this. This is a really big plus for solution, which is not developed by a global corporation, but same time has features that are the same level of quality and make you feel as using the premium solution.