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Is it still a time to start a business in the web?

July 19, 2017

Such question may rise a lot of people current time.

From all the sides we may see a huge number of propositions to buy everything in the internet. Having small or medium business, or wishing to start a new company you thinking about – is it enough “space” for me? Do I have a chance to compete with Amazon or Walmart.

For sure – may and should!
Yes, the main compete rule become the same – you should be unique and your customer service should be selected by visitor.
But in addition to this will be useful to know some facts and trends.

Full article which gave me some basic figures you may see here.

Only 8-14% of retail sales are going online.
Same time up to 40% of young people ready to do 100% of their purchases online.
Such trend shows that potential size of market is great now and will be even more bigger in the future. When young people may have a chance to spend more online, and even younger people will gave more higher than 40% rate of being ready to spend their money.

Average customer same time spending around $2000 a year. Not too much in common, but this is just a small part of general sales that expecting to rise greatly in coming years.

Based on these several figures we may see that space for online sales are great. And compete at this market practically not started yet. So, yes, start your project and your online shop – and this will allow to find new clients for your products and services.

How to start?
There are some trends and requirements for online business which may help you not to make simple mistakes.
Visitor will leave your site in case time of loading is big. Dot. Nothing to say more. Your site should be fast to compete.
70% of users wish to have a zoom for the product image, 80% of users doing a research before purchase. Do not forget to place full and detailed information and pictures about products you are selling. And do not forget that 59% of user’s sessions at the e-commerce sites are coming from mobile devices – your site and content should be optimized on this.

Altima have a 15+ years of developing e-commerce web-sites. Using miscellaneous frameworks and CMS aimed for e-commerce, we aggregated big experience in architect, development and support of web-shops. There is no optimal solution which will suit all the cases and all the projects, but we think that Magento suits most of the projects of our clients at today.

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