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In the world of IT technologies, the most successful projects have been designed and built by individuals –  not by multi-billion dollar corporations. Realizing this, our individuals are ready to assist in developing your interesting ideas. Let’s get meet and work together.

If you have an innovative idea – we can help bring it to life. With years of experience in web development projects we can carry out a risk analysis of the idea to evaluate the costs of the project, and make recommendations on project phases and sequence.

What can we offer?

  • Study your idea
  • Provide a general consultation to evaluate the opportunities and chance of success
  • Discuss the possibility of partnering together
  • Develop, manage and deliver project

Before you start the development of any idea, or “start-up”, it’s beneficial to assess the risks and labor costs in the initial phase. To effectively run a startup, you need a team of competent professionals who will help determine the necessary fundamentals to bring a project to life, and to perform the work. Altima is ready to participate in your startup, offering a partnership combining resources and labor.