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Do you have a project for development but your expertise is not writing specs or code? Are your gifted at selling but do not receive satisfaction from project development? Altima may be the perfect partner for you.

Companies may look for sub-contractors to perform services for their clients because they either cannot or do not want to do the work in-house. This may include graphic design companies, software developers, Ad agencies or hosting companies. The interest to sub-contract a job may be related to the narrow specialization of core team. For example, a design company may have brilliant designers, but they do not have a back-end developer for those projects that require one. The overload of employees, desire to focus on the other parts of a job or pure economical reasons may lead them to outsource this work.

Outsourcing to Ukraine has many additional benefits, especially for our European clients:

  • We are a nearshore county for Western Europe. The time difference between Ukraine and Paris is one hour, and for London only two hours. There are direct flights to Kyiv from all major European capitals, so travel time is only a few hours. European Union and Switzerland citizens do not need visas to visit Ukraine for short period, so formalities are also minimal.
  • Close culture. Despite some differences between the Ukrainian and Western European cultures, the distinct differences are minimal as compared to other cultures. i.e., Indian and Chinese cultures.
  • Altima is a good choice among other Ukrainian companies. We have a long list of happy clients, an experienced and creative team of developers, strong and well-educated managers, strict internal quality standards and proven work process methodology.

Altima is experienced in outsourcing and working with partners in the USA and Europe. We are ready to discuss with you the details of a partnership and find a solution which will satisfy both of our parties.