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Fixed Price Project

For this type of work, the payment amount does not depend on the volume of resources or time-spent on the project. Fixed price projects may take a little longer to start, however, time until completion is usually quicker than anticipated.

Fixed price is a popular option, especially in cases when you have strict budgeting but extensive functionality is needed. The process includes:

  • Client/partner sends us details and description of what’s needed
  • We study it, ask questions if needed, and provide quote
  • Client accepts or adds/removes items to negotiate price
  • If accepted, we sign the contract – including an appendix with a detailed description of project specifications
  • Client pays deposit
  • We begin work
  • We deliver work
  • Client accepts work
  • Client pays remaining project balance (Note: there can be several milestones with bigger projects for delivery of payment.)

Works outside of the signed specifications can certinaly be completed, but for an additional cost, and typically after completion of original scope of the project.