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Dedicated teams

Does your business require constant IT efforts, but cannot afford to hire professional developers in your core staff? Consider forming a dedicated developer team with us! We can build a team of well-qualified and motivated developers who will work for you as an organic part of your team, but without many of the problems an in-house team may bring.

Benefits of cooperation.

There are two main reasons why dedicated teams may make the most economical sense:

  • Flexibility. To hire (and, if needed, to fire) a core staff specialist is very costly process, both in terms of time and money. In many countries labor legislation is very employee-oriented; costs of HR agencies can reach 30% of an annual specialist salary; employees are required to have a workplace, equipment, software. Outsourcing remits all these problems, and is therefore almost always less expensive for short-term projects.
  • Insufficient supply. Often there are simply no specialists that meet the needed qualifications available in your city/country, when you urgently need them.

How it works?

If we make a dedicated developer(s) contract, our specialist(s) works full-time under your direct management. Since our expenses and risks here are lower, we provide a worth-while discount from our regular prices.