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Dark side (or may be Light?) of WordPress

September 24, 2021

I think that everyone who deals with websites more than just a user of websites hears about WordPress engine. Knowing that this is a common and powerful solution to create a website. To create a website using WordPress need to have professional knowledge. Comparing to Wix (or similar) where such knowledge is not required.

But only part of these things is correct. Yes, WordPress is a very powerful solution, and providing a lot of features for the development process which may satisfy 90% of all the sites which exist right now. From simple visit cards to pretty good e-commerce solutions.

Besides this – ability for the developer to create a great website, WordPress provides the ability to setup a website using a constructor. And guess what? It’s possible to be even free. Yes, zero price for using web hosting and have a very limited functionality included by default. Not so many senses to have this option for your own website and need to start with some paid account. For $48/year you will receive more features and free domain included.

It’s good and for sure it was expected that WordPress become a large ecosystem with a lot of services and variations giving clients of WordPress to get what the best suits to him – download package or fully completed web site.


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